Esperanza - EP

by 3:30

Released May 22, 2018 / © Musicpher

With this production 3:30 brings us 3 songs with romantic themes and conscience. The songs are mostly personal experiences lived to transcend this wonderful test for the soul called life, which through these melodies 3:30 shares with the general public.

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EP Credits:

  • Lyrics by Christian Irala.
  • Vocals by Christian Irala.
  • Bass by Inti Maldonado
  • Guitars by Inti Maldonado
  • Keyboards & Programing: Inti Maldonado.
  • Music Production by Inti Maldonado
  • Recording by Inti maldonado
  • Produced, Mixed by Inti Maldonado
  • Mastered by Tatsua Sato.

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