De Vida y Música - Single

by Más Allá

Released May 9th, 2017 / © IntiGalaxy Productions

“De Vida y Música” is a tribute to their Latin culture, full of melodic riffs and enchanting lyrics that will captivate your body and will make you dance and feel free from troubles, also serves as an inspiration to stay true to yourself by following your heart’s desires and dreams.

Connect with the Artist:

Más Allá


Single Credits:

  • Lyrics by Oreste Rodriguez.
  • Vocals by Stephanie Cedeño.
  • Guitars by Oreste Rodriguez.
  • Bass by Anthony Ortiz.
  • Drums by Ivan Llanes.
  • Percussion by Ivan Torres.
  • Everything else by Inti Maldonado.
  • Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Inti Maldonado at "IntiGalaxy Studios"
  • Mastered by Tatsuya Sato.

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