Volar por el Mundo - Single

by UnaVia

Released July 10, 2017 / © IntiGalaxy Productions

UnaVia returns with its characteristic fusion Rock and Latin sounds with this new single called “Volar Por El Mundo” (Flying around the world). This production from the New York City based group shows us their new sound, after an extensive artistic career in the United States and Latin America. This song tells us the difficult history of those who abandon love, only to realize what has been lost, and struggle in vain to recover it.

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Single Credits:

  • Lyrics by Mauricio Cardenas.
  • Vocals by Mauricio Cardenas.
  • Guitars by Johnny Cayamcela.
  • Bass by Jorge Vivanco.
  • Drums by Juan Felipe Mayorga.
  • Acordeon by Papi Rodriguez.
  • Arrangements by Carlos Bermon.
  • Music by Mauricio Cardenas, Johnny cayamcela, Jorge Vivanco, Inti Maldonado.
  • Music Production by Inti Maldonado, Carlos Bermon.
  • Recording by Inti Maldonado, Johnny Cayamcela, Carlos Bermon.
  • Produced, Mixed by Inti Maldonado at "IntiGalaxy Studios"
  • Mastered by Tatsua Sato.

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