Tear Me Apart - Single

by Solanguie

Released November 6th, 2015 / © IntiGalaxy Productions

Tear Me Apart is a hard-rock hymn of ‘Self-liberation’; full of melodic riffs and powerful lyrics that create an incentive to break out of toxic pressures and serves as an inspiration to stay true to yourself, by following your heart’s desires and dreams.

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Single Credits:

  • Lyrics by Solanguie.
  • Music by Solanguie, Allan M. Guzman & Inti Maldonado.
  • Vocals by Solanguie.
  • Guitars, Keys, Bass and Programming by Inti Maldonado.
  • Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Inti Maldonado at "IntiGalaxy Studios"
  • Mastered by Tatsuya Sato.

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