Una Noche - Single

by Maztil

Released Nov 18th, 2016 / © IntiGalaxy Productions

“Una Noche” is the second single from the band “Maztil”. This time the group brings us another great Power Ballad with strong musical parts. The song talks about the feeling that missing that special one, that will never come, gives us.

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Single Credits:

  • Lyrics by Wilfrido Aguirre.
  • Music by Wilfrido Aguirre, Jaime Villa, Jimmy Paucar, Inti Maldonado.
  • Vocals by Jimmy Paucar.
  • Guitars by Wilfrido Aguirre, Jaime Villa.
  • Everything else by Inti Maldonado.
  • Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Inti Maldonado at "IntiGalaxy Studios"
  • Mastered by Tatsuya Sato.

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